partizipativ – kreativ – integrativ

junge oper wien 2015

partizipativ – kreativ – integrativ

junge oper wien -

participative – creative – integrative

Following three years of cooperation with the secondary school BORG Mistelbach as part of the youth education program junge oper wien, 2015 will see Neue Oper Wien begin working with its new partner school, the secondary school AHS Geringergasse in Vienna’s 11th district. The objective of Neue Oper Wien remains the same: to instill in young people a lasting appreciation for contemporary music theatre via a low-threshold and individualized approach.

The school students will approach music theatre as such from several different perspectives, and a composing workshop that culminates in a staged production will enable them to develop their own music theatre work.

This year’s collaborative program will place the students firmly at the center of attention as musicians, composers, and directors. This independent creative process, which runs parallel to the performance schedule of Neue Oper Wien, is meant to both ease their introduction to the material and make possible an even more intense experience of NOW’s performances.

Pupils of AHS Geringergasse, 1110 Wien

Concept: Axel Petri-Preis

Composition: Judith Unterpertinger

Choreography: Katharina Weinhuber

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