Judith / Schnitt_Blende


World premiere by Judith Unterpertinger


Opening night: 22nd of October 2015

Ort: Hofstallung mumok, MuseumsQuartier Wien

who are you?

i know

do i know you

your head.

do i know you?

I know you.

This world première of a work by Austrian composer Judith Unterpertinger revolves around the figure of Judith in light of various aspects, perceptions and personal relationships. Her merging of different art forms into one performance creates its own Judith figures, the thoughts of whom are laid bare, and whose voices one is allowed to accompany along their paths.

Composition & Staging Judith UnterpertingerLibretto Magdalena Knapp-Menzel / Artistic Director Walter Kobéra / Choreography and Staging Katharina WeinhuberVideo Catherine Ludwig / Camera Wolf Leeb / Sounddesign Christine Bauer / Lichtdesign Norbert Chmel

Dancing Martina Haager /  Voice1 Claudia Cervenca /  Voice2 Elisabeth Kanettis/  Voice3 Anna Maria Pammer /  Clavichord Manon Liu Winter /  Bassoon  Robert Gillinger /  Viola da Gamba Eva Neunhäuserer

Tickets ab Herbst 2015 (25 €)

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